Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What happens when the internet's down at my internship?

I'm typing this on my phone right now, and the iPhone auto-corrects random words that it shouldn't. For example, the other day I was taking notes on it and I typed that networking was a "big part" of being an intern. Somehow the iPhone assumed that I meant "fart" where I put part. Why would I say that networking is a big fart of being an intern? Thanks iPhone. What I'm trying to say is that if you read something herein that doesn't make sense, it's not my fault.

So why am I typing this on my phone and not a computer? The answer is two fold. One, I'm at work and the internet's down. Nearly 100% of my job involves using the internet. I would ask my boss what else I should be doing, but he's running 90 minutes (and counting) late. The IT guy is late too. SO glad I got up at 7 for this!

In my downtime, I've fallen asleep at my desk twice, watched C-Span, gone to Starbucks to buy a butter croissant, ate said croissant, felt unsatisfied, bought another butter croissant, felt unsatisfied and now depressed about the inevitable weight gain, come back upstairs, tried to get service in my building so I could text (no dice), asked every single person in the office if they needed help with anything, politely got told to go screw myself by all of them, and untied and re-tied my shoes (just to make sure they were on tight!). Well nothing to do now but play with my phone!

Even if I was at home, I'd be typing this on my phone because my laptop is broken. This time, I think it's better to retire the thing than pay the hundred bucks and wait three weeks to get it fixed. It's four years old; it had a real nice run for a PC, but I think it's time for a new computer.

What do you guys think I should get? A Mac? A PC? A Mac will probably last longer and be more efficient, but it's twice the price! Even if I only get a year or two out of the PC, they're only like 500 bucks. Plus, I've always been a PC and, yes, windows 7 WAS my idea.

Tomorrow, I'm going to the Capitol to take notes on some Congressional briefing. Should be pretty cool. If not, I can do my favorite thing to keep myself entertained! Whenever a meeting is really boring, I take sarcastically detailed notes for funsies. Here are a couple of excerpts from the last boring meeting I was at:

-"Large-and-in-charge woman, feeling bad that she hasn't said anything the entire meeting, sneezes to make for her brightest contribution yet."
-"Bald, middle-aged guy scratches his upper-thigh region, hoping that the out-of-his-league, mildly attractive, yet a decade past her prime woman to his left won't notice. She doesn't, but I do. I do."

Saw "The Towm" last night. Great movie. If bank robbers were really that smart and ruthless, you'd never want to go to a bank. I never really liked the bank anyway.

Oh, yay, the IT guy is here. Gotta get back to work! My next post will be either 2 days or 6 months from now, depending on how well this one does. See ya in 6 months.


  1. YOSEPH! haha i'm reading your blog at work because I am also bored to tearssss haha. I need to get up and run a lap or something. Have a fabulous day and don't eat too many more butter croissants ;)

  2. Stay away from Starbucks. It is an evil place that will suck out money and replace with fat globules.