Friday, December 11, 2009

The Office - Background, Future, Favorites!

What you will learn about me very quickly is that I am a television FANATIC! My favorite types of programs are sitcoms with NO laugh track (if it has one, I will not watch it), and serial dramas.

The show that has replaced the ever-weakening Scrubs (now in its 9th season and losing five of its seven main cast members from last year) as my current favorite is NBC's "mockumentary" comedy The Office. The show is based in Scranton, PA, and follows the lives of 15 or so employees of the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. It boasts an ensemble, all-star cast including Steve Carell (The 40 Year-Old Virgin, Anchorman, Get Smart) as the shallow, incompetent boss Michael Scott; Rainn Wilson (The Rocker) as Dwight Schrute, a brown-nosing jarhead who adores Scott; and John Krasinski (Leatherheads, Away We Go) as Jim Halpert, an apathetic prankster salesman who often plays on his boss's idiocy.

At the midway point of its sixth season, the show continues to get stronger. In fact, the last two weeks have produced two of my favorite episodes of all time. Angela Kinsey, who plays the conservative, uptight accountant Angela Martin, recently spoke at my school and said of the show's future prospects "I think all of [the actors] agree that we hit the jackpot. I don't see anyone wanting to stop right now." Good news for us fans. Carell, the lead, has reportedly signed on for at least two more seasons. Also good news for us fans. At the rate it's going, I hope the show lasts a full decade!

The following lists are more for people who watch the show and can agree/disagree, but if you're new to it these episodes/characters would be good to focus on too!

FAVORITE OFFICE CHARACTERS (first appearance is Pilot unless otherwise noted)
1) Andy Bernard (first appearance: "Gay Witch Hunt" S3E1)
2) Kevin Malone
3) Michael Scott
4) Dwight Schrute
5) Jim Halpert
6) Kelly Kapoor (first appearance: "Diversity Day" S1E2)
7) Darryl Philbin (first appearance: "The Alliance" S1E4)
8) Pam
9) Erin Hannon (first appearance: "Dream Team" S5E22)
10) Toby Flenderson (first appearance: "Diversity Day" S1E2)

1) Scott's Tots S6E12 - Michael made a promise 10 years ago to put then third-graders through college once they graduated high school. Now it's time to make good on a promise he most certainly can't keep.
2) Stress Relief S5E14 - Dwight's fire safety seminar goes awry, resulting in Stanley's heart attack. To relieve stress in the office, Michael decides to hold a roast in his honor.
3) Beach Games S3E23 - Michael is anxious to name his possible successor, resorting to a series of physical challenges to fill his white-collar position.
4) Goodbye, Toby S4E14 - Michael can barely contain his excitement as his nemesis, Toby, prepares to leave Dunder Mifflin forever. Meanwhile, Jim gets ready to propose to Pam but is upstaged when Andy unexpectedly pops the question to Angela.
5) Frame Toby S5E9 - Michael welcomes Toby back by trying several tactics to get him fired, including framing him for drug possession.
6) Fun Run S4E1 - Michael hits Meredith with his car, but takes credit for saving her life as it's discovered she may have Rabies at the hospital.
7) Casino Night S2E22 - Michael has two dates to Casino Night in the warehouse. Jim spills his guts to Pam.
8) Phyllis's Wedding S3E16 - Michael tries to make himself the center of attention on Phyllis's special day. Jim convinces Dwight that there are Wedding Crashers at the reception, and Dwight takes great pleasure in investigating.
9)The Injury S2E12 - A minor injury to Michael's foot is put on the backburner when Dwight gets a severe concussion. Pam befriends the "new" Dwight, to the surprise of Jim.
10) The Coup S3E3 - Dwight sees an opportunity to replace Michael and jumps at the chance, only to be caught and disciplined in a couple of creative ways.

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